An analysis of socratess hypothesis on the teaching of virtue in platos meno

Just as a man might wear out many cloaks before he dies, the soul might use up many bodies before it dies. Do we not say that virtue is a good. There again, Socrates, I think you are right. However, in Socrates' belief, they cannot make a correct judgement as they would not have true knowledge c.

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And the non-acquisition of gold and silver in a dishonest manner for oneself or another, or in other words the want of them, may be equally virtue. Socrates concedes that if Protagoras were still alive, he would have more to say in his own defense, and that they are now essentially mistreating "his orphan child.

Critias mentions a historical tale that would make the perfect example. Nay, he must have wished it.

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But this implies that all souls are equally good. A Collection of Critical Essays, Vol. The popular idea that the gestures of Plato and Aristotle are kinds of pointing is very likely. Some things I have said of which I am not altogether confident.

Therefore, the soul is indestructible. Between every pair of opposite states there are two opposite processes: Philosophical labor[ edit ] Socrates thinks that the idea that knowledge is perception must be identical in meaning, if not in actual words, to Protagoras ' famous maxim "Man is the measure of all things.

When you ask them a question, he says, they pluck from their quiver a little aphorism to let fly at you, and as you try to figure that one out, they wing another one at you.

Now this is an illustration of the nature of true opinions: And then you will tell me about virtue. They are mantic creatures like the Sphinx with whom they have much in common and their song takes effect at midday, in a windless calm.

When you say, Meno, that there is one virtue of a man, another of a woman, another of a child, and so on, does this apply only to virtue, or would you say the same of health, and size, and strength.

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Yes, Socrates; I agree there; for justice is virtue. How fortunate I am, Meno!. Initially Meno claims to know the meaning of virtue, but he repeatedly fails to define it properly.

In some sense, Socrates is teaching Meno to re-discover his knowledge about virtue. From his apparent failure, one could perversely conclude that even if virtue is innately known it cannot be realized through external teaching.

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Socrates proposes the following hypothesis: if virtue is a kind of knowledge, then it can be taught (and if it is not, it cannot). The next point to consider, then, is whether or not virtue is a kind of knowledge.

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After some discussion with Meno, Socrates first proposes the theory that virtue is innate. Subsequently the knowledge of innate virtue is of a priori knowledge, which is in turn contingent on a priori justification (Russell, ).

The development of the dialogue can be seen without having to establish Plato’s meaning in all its technical detail.

The point is this: Socrates is willing to discuss the question whether virtue can be taught if Meno will grant the restriction that virtue is knowledge. Works of Plato translated by Thomas Taylor and Floyer Sydenham with notes by the translators and extracts from the works of Proclus Cargado por Thrice_Greatest Works/dialogues of Plato translated by Thomas Taylor and Floyer Sydenham 5 volumes in one Note: The letter "s" looks like a "f" in the text.

An analysis of socratess hypothesis on the teaching of virtue in platos meno
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The Pursuit Of Virtue: Plato's "Meno"