Analysis of albert beveridges americas destiny essay

Analysis of Albert Beveridge’s “America’s Destiny” Essay Sample

Our largest trade henceforth must be with Asia. A Philippine office in our Department of State; an American governor-general in Manila, with power to meet daily emergencies; possibly an advisory council with no power except that of discussing measures with the governor-general, which council would be the germ for future legislatures, a school in practical government; American lieutenant governors in each province, with a like council about him if possible, an American resident in each district and a like council grouped about him.

The Many Shades of Manifest Destiny

First of all, it is a common rule of action, applying equally to all within its limits. When did Americans ever measure duty by financial standards.

It is to give this problem to posterity solved and settled, not vexed and involved. This was not uncommon during the time period; other European empires justified their colonies as part of their plan to develop the rest of the world.

Let men beware how they employ the term "self-government. A lasting peace can be secured only by overwhelming forces in ceaseless action until universal and absolutely final defeat is inflicted on the enemy. I have talked with hundreds of these people, getting their views as to the practical workings of self-government.

If it should prove a mistake to abandon it, the blunder once made would be irretrievable. Our fathers would not have had it so. The meaning of those two words must be written in every line of Philippine legislation, realized in every act of Philippine administration.

They were soldiers as well as landsmen, and they knew that where our ships should go our flag might follow. What magic will anyone employ to dissolve in their minds and characters those impressions of governors and governed which three centuries of misrule has created.

Analysis of Albert Beveridge’s “America’s Destiny” Sample Essay

Administration of good government is not denial of liberty. With more extended coastlines than any nation of history; with a commerce vaster than any other people ever dreamed of, and that commerce as yet only in its beginnings; with naval traditions equaling those of England or of Greece, and the work of our Navy only just begun; with the air of the ocean in our nostrils and the blood of a sailor ancestry in our veins; with the shores of all the continents calling us, the Great Republic before I die will be the acknowledged lord of the world's high seas.

And yet these people who are not capable of "consenting" to any form of government must be governed. Beveridge turns out to be a racialist and fails to see the existent wellbeing and rights of the Filipino people. That man little knows the common people of the republic, little understands the instincts of our race who thinks we will not hold it fast and hold it forever, administering just government by simplest methods.

President, self-government and internal development have been the dominant notes of our first century; administration and the development of other lands will be the dominant notes of our second century. We must act on the situation as it exists, not as we would wish it.

Land may separate men from their desire; the ocean, never. Our Indian wars would have been shortened, the lives of soldiers and settlers saved, and the Indians themselves benefited had we made continuous and decisive war; and any other kind of war is criminal because ineffective.

Why is it more difficult to administer Hawaii than Nevs Mexico or California. To get up to 85 out of points on this essay, follow the instructions for the B paper below. The written Constitution is but the index of the living Constitution. Steam joins us; electricity joins us-the very elements are in league with our destiny.

The most enlightened among them declare that self-government will succeed because the employers of labor will compel their employees to vote as their employer wills and that this will insure intelligent voting. The great majority simply do not understand any participation in any government whatever.

More essays like this: Our Constitution is its instrument. And the sense in which "consent" is used in the Declaration is broader than mere understanding; for "consent" in the Declaration means participation in the government "consented" to.

And, with the Philippines, that power is and will forever be the American Republic. Our commerce was daily turning toward the Orient, and geography and trade developments made necessary our commercial empire over the Pacific.

But the Opposition is right- there is a difference. In Iraq, the U. To treat at all is to admit that we are wrong. And our navy will make them contiguous.

Manifest Destiny And Sectional Discord Since the time of the term Manifest Destiny appeared it had many meanings and definitions. For Americans, after the successful end of the war, the feeling of Nationalism extended its victorious lands.

Manifest Destiny in America Essay; Manifest Destiny in America Essay.

American Exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny Essay Sample

Words 3 Pages. The famous phrase “Manifest Destiny” was made up by a journalist in The idea of Manifest Destiny was that the people of the east had a divine and God-given right to settle in the west.

Judith Beveridge Poem Essay

God put the land there for the taking, and so the immigrants. Write a short essay about the concept of Manifest Destiny in United States history. Your essay should be 1½ to 2½ pages in length.

To get up to (out of ) points on this essay, follow the instructions for the A paper (below). In Albert Beveridge’s address “America’s Destiny”.

Analysis of Albert Beveridge’s “America’s Destiny” Essay Sample

he argues for the U. S. to maintain the Philippines after winning it from Spain in Analysis of “America’s Destiny” In Albert Beveridge’s speech “America’s Destiny”, he argues for the U.S. to keep the Philippines after winning it from Spain in The U.S. was thinking about returning it to Spain or possibly giving it independence, but Beveridge and the imperialists advised otherwise.

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Analysis of albert beveridges americas destiny essay
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